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Passion Pursuit

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Many focus on PROJECTS and PRODUCTS, but I want you to focus on the search, the journey, the joy of discovery.  This year, you will identify a topic that REALLY and truly holds your interest.  It can be anything, really, from surfing to butterflies; soccer to concepts of beauty; survival to mythical beasts (yeah, rock on chimera!)  


Over the course of the year, you will read, write, watch, or listen to materials that are about your chosen topic.  You will have timely check-ins, both formative and interim, and a final project that summarizes what you've learned and what you still want to explore.


Your journey will be of your own making, but the timeframe and steps will be shared:


Quarter 1:  identify topic and find a variety of materials for later exploration.  You will be expected to complete a Discovery Log each quarter.  

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