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Fairy Tale Vocabulary

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Define the terms BEFORE reading    

“Jack and the Beanstalk”

  1. Giddy
  2. Ague
  3. Vex (verb);  vexation(noun)
  4. Folly
  5. Coax
  6. Besought
  7. Scanty
  8. Portal
  9. Thither
  10. Endeavor


"The Valiant Little Taylor”

  1. Valiant
  2. Ascend/ descend
  3. Unbidden (bidden)
  4. Girdle (old fashioned, not the modern undergarment)
  5. Resolve
  6. Thicket
  7. Inclination
  8. Contemptuous
  9. Mite
  10. Pelt (verb – NOT noun)
  11. Doublet*
  12. Pantaloons*

*Extra Credit if you draw these!







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