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Class Expectations

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Ms. Smith-Vaniz

English Department

Class Expectations-Grading Policy



Material Items You will Need:

Digital device 7" screen min. to access materials -- Cell Phones ARE NOT suitable

"Old school" notebook, section in a binder, or folder with paper DEDICATED to ENGLISH

Pen/pencil -- multiple options best -- EVERY DAY

texts as assigned (your copy of any distributed books)


Classroom Policies and Procedures


1.  THE GOLDEN RULE: Maintaining a positive attitude, completing homework, and being fully prepared for tests and quizzes will contribute significantly to success in class. It is expected that all students will treat people and property with respect.  Students are not to interfere with others' learning or work.


2.  ADHERE TO DEADLINES: All assignments need to be handed in on established due dates to receive full credit. Assignments for class are to be done before class.  Digital projects on Schoology state due date and TIME.  Late work prevents timely feedback and impacts revision.  


3.  MAKE-UP WORK: YOU are responsible for missed material. Quizzes, tests, and written class work can be  completed at a time that is timely and convenient for both of us. WIT, after school, and study halls are appropriate.   Since work is clearly posted on the wiki, you should have no trouble ascertaining what was missed.


4.  WEBSITE:  Course websites can be found at www.rsd6.org. A link to all other digital platforms will be on this site.  Class assignments are noted on the class wiki, but the specifics are USUALLY on Schoology.  


5. WIKI/SCHOOLOGY Online work: Information, links, and other assignments will be placed on a WIKI and SCHOOLOGY over the course of the year. You will be required to participate either at home or at school. If you have limited access to the Internet from home, please plan on using the computers at school to meet the deadlines. 

     5A)  Cell phones are not allowed out during class unless directed by teacher (playing Kahoot, for example).  

      If I see your phone out or witness texting, I will collect your phone and hold on to it for the remainder of the period.  


5.  CHEATING:  Cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances.  Anyone who copies homework, looks at another student’s test/quiz, or plagiarizes from any source will automatically receive a zero for the assignment.    

Plagiarism is cheating!  To plagiarize, as defined in Webster’s dictionary is, “to present the ideas or words of another as one’s own.”  Copying and pasting off of the internet without the proper citation IS plagiarism.  Any instance of plagiarism will result in the student receiving a zero on that assignment.  In addition, teachers will notify parents and school administration as soon as possible and disciplinary action may ensue.


7.  Bathroom:  going during class is disruptive so please ask to do so in a way that does not to disrupt your or other's learning.   Please wait until after the start of class and well before the end to ask.   If bathroom interruptions become a pattern and a problem, restrictions will be implemented.  

Everyone must sign out and in and then TAKE THE PASS.  See the SIGN-OUT LOG on teacher's desk.


Grading - recorded on Powerschool

Your grade for each quarter will be calculated using the following percentages

  • formative assignments = 10% (daily work, some homework assignments, SSR)
  • interim assignments = 35% (reflective work such as journals and letters, work that has had some editing & revising, common assessments, quizzes)  
  • summative assignments = 55% (tests, formal written assignments that have been carefully edited and revised such as polished paragraphs, essays, narratives, projects, and book reviews)


Each graded assignment or project is assigned a certain number of points based on its complexity and overall importance to the objectives of the course. You and your parents have daily access on Powerschool.  Please check your grades at least ONCE a week -- any discrepancies should be addressed early and POLITELY.


  • Homework/Classwork:  4 pts (Occasionally the point value may vary depending on length of time for assignment -- approx 4 pt/class)  Timeliness matters as you will be receiving feedback on this work.  All formative work acts as building blocks to interim and summative assessments. 

You will be assessed for your active, thoughtful, and on-topic engagement in class activities and discussions as well as your ability to come to class with the required materials.  If you are a distraction to others, do not follow the classroom policies, or are otherwise disruptive points will be deducted according to the severity of the offense.  If you come to class without the required materials for learning you will also lose points.

  • Silent Sustained Reading 4 points (this means actively reading, not disrupting others, coming with book
  • Civil Participation/Community:  4 pts  
  • Quizzes:    vocabulary quizzes and reading check quizzes will be given at regular intervals. 
  • Revised written work:  paragraphs, letters, journal writings - 8-20 points
  • Polished Pieces of writing, projects, tests, essays


You will be expected to hand in various projects throughout the year. 

Tests will be given in essay and objective format. 




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