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Bennett 2012 September Assignments

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Class Topics/Activities

Assignments to be completed before next class meeting




Class expectations and syllabus, sites and platforms;

Summer Reading connections

summer reading connections.docx

folktale anticipation guide.docx







Complete the following survey on Google Docs before next block 



  folktale anticipation guide.docx AND complete the survey












Journal write: What kind of stories do I like?


Groups create own story that follows one of 7 patterns using Storybird.





Folktales, fairytales - archetypal stories

Fairytale and Folktale Links


Patterns of stories

Types of Stories 




Read the above article and pull out 3 key ideas.  You may download and highlight or write them out.   If there are any statements or points you do NOT understand, pull that out too!  If you don't, I will assume you understand the entire article...  Oh my, how ominous

Then, complete the following survey about the role of story in your life.  You will have to sign in using your RSD6 account. 





Quick write: Glue Power of Story in notebook.

Choose ONE of the 3 ideas you pulled out of the article by Jeff; respond to that idea.

Library Orientation

Storybirds presentations


 Get the definitions of the vocab before reading

Fairy Tale Vocabulary



Quick Write: What is a pattern (repeated activity) that you do everyday. Write about that pattern in detail. 


Fairytale Patterns on worksheet and 

Patterns in The Brave Little Tailor (Note section of writer's notebook)







 READ "Jack and the Beanstalk"  and "The Valiant Tailor" -- stories are on the link below. 

*take notes so that you can remember the story!

Fairytale and Folktale Links


Free write:

What is a pattern you notice in nature?

explain in detail 


Fairy Tale Vocabulary Valiant Little Tailor words


Reading check on Fairy Tales Cinderella & Little Mermaid


Read Aloud: Rapunzel


Add to criteria

why Disneyfy stories?

Types of Stories


 The Little Mermaid


Work on Storybirds for presentations

Vocab check: http://Twitter.com/wamogoenglish1


Cartoon your vocabulary 

choose 6 vocabulary words and "cartoon" them; paste page in your writer's notebook


Beauty and the Beast:

Sleeping Beauty:



Writing prompt

Sharing Lit2go stories


Vocabulary bingo


CHOOSE a Fairy Tale from Lit2go to share:

You will have 30 sec-1 min to "sell" your fairy tale; note what criteria is found in your fairy tale


Prepare for Vocab quiz all Fairy Tale Vocabulary on Monday, October 1st




You will read a short story; answer 4 essay questions.

This score will be an indicator as to how you will perform on CAPT test (graduation requirement)



Prepare for Vocab quiz all Fairy Tale Vocabulary on Monday, October 1st 
10/1  Vocabulary quiz Fairy Tale Vocabulary    


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