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Romeo and Juliet Final Essay

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The story of Romeo and Juliet is not original. Shakespeare used a poem by Arthur Brooke (1562) “Romeus and Juliet” as the basis of his play. In either play or poem, the story of two “star-crossed lovers” has several messages (theme).

What changes does Shakespeare make to Brooke's poem-to plot, to character, and to theme? Find these.

Why do you think Shakespeare chooses to make these changes?



1. Thesis statement is the last sentence in the opening paragraph -5pts

2. Three body paragraphs

     -topic sentence begins each

     -evidence in each paragraph (minimum one quote per paragraph)

     -correct citation (Act.scene.lines) looks like (I.ii.13-23)     12 pts

3. Correct capitalization and names of characters spelled correctly.-8 pts


R&J animated powerpoint.ppt  

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Format? How long is this essay?


Double spaced-typed, 12pt font

"....as long as a piece of string"

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