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Holiday Dinner with the Greek Gods and Goddesses and Their Guests

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Lucky you!

You have been hired as a party planner by Dionysus, Greek god of wine, for a formal dinner on Mount Olympus.

One of your responsibilities is to set up the seating plans for the tables at the dinner with gods, goddesses, and any of the humans who have been featured in the myths we have studied so far.


For this assignment, you need to demonstrate your ability to place six (6) gods or goddesses and six (6)humans at a table that seats 12.  You may choose the gods, goddesses, and humans from the myths we have studied and from the Pantheon, however, you must have reasons as to why you would place these characters next to each other. Dionysus is hosting, so he will not be seated with his guests. He will be moving around the table to keep the action lively.

You may choose:

Gods and Goddesses 


Zeus Icarus
Hera  Arachne 


Hades  Phaeton 
Athena  Psyche 
Ares  Narcissus  (not human)
Aphrodite  Orpheus
Demeter Eurydice 


Apollo Daedalus 
Artemis Midas 
Eros (Cupid)  




Use the seating chart to layout who will sit next to whom at this particular table. This should be done in pencil. (colored pencils are fine)

Write a detailed explanation about who you chose and why you chose to sit that character at that particular place at this table. This must be a typed response, 12 font, Times New Roman.

     This should have 12 short paragraphs explaining your seating decision for each character.

You must design an invitation to the party-your choice of medium.

You must choose one of the following to prepare:

  • music playlist
  • menu
  • game/ice breaker activity to play


Staple your work together in this order:

-invitation on top

-seating chart

-explanation of your seating choices

-music playlist OR menu OR game/icebreaker activity to play



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