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Myth Comments using Word Tools

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You will be making notes on myth stories through the use of the COMMENT  function in Word.


You will need to make SIX (6) Comments on your myth. Place each of the six comments at the point in the story where you believe the comment belongs.

1. WARNING: This comment is where you warn a character what might happen, what may go wrong, what you predict the fate will be.

2. COMPARISON: This is where you will make a comment where you think the story is just like another story.

3. CONTRAST: This is where you will make a comment to show the difference between the myth and another story that is similar but ends up being nothing like this myth.

4. EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: This is where you can add an emotional response at a particular moment in the story that you think deserves an outburst ("ye gods!")

5. QUESTION #1 This is where you would add a comment that asks "What was (a character) _____thinking?"

6. QUESTION #2 This is where you would add a comment that asks "What was (a different  character) _____thinking?"


Your final comment will be in the voice of Icarus. Here your comment will be: “Just goes to show ya…..(what the lesson is)

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