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What Makes a Good Blog Entry

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Quality of Writing 

- post has no style or voice 

- no organization 

- post has little style or voice 

- poorly organized 


- written in a somewhat interesting style and voice

- organized

- written in an interesting/engaging style and voice

-hooks reader 

- very well organized 




- many words misspelled 

- many grammar errors 

- several spelling errors 

- several grammar errors 

- few spelling errors

- few grammar errors

- all words spelled correctly 

- no grammar errors 

Evaluation and Analysis of book  

retells plot or uses a "plot spoiler" 

recommendation missing or vague or oversimplified ("bad", "good") 

some retelling of  plot; uses minimal details

recommendation without explanation as to who should read this book 

 little retelling of plot; some details from story

reflective in making a recommendation with some explanation as to who should read this book

no retelling of plot; details chosen are informative and enticing

recommendation is insightful providing a quick analysis of who should read this book 


SUGGESTIONS to improve quality of writing:

  • Start with a question
  • Start with a quote
  • Start with a surprising statement
  • Identify genre (mystery? dystopia? adventure? non-fiction? romance?)
  • Establish setting of the story with descriptive language
  • Use powerful verbs in review when discussing plot or conflict
  • Describe character(s) with  vivid adjectives
  • USE LANGUAGE FROM THE TEXT-choose an important quote
  • Make recommendation for a specific audience-mention genre


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