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February 2019

Page history last edited by Jane Smith-Vaniz 1 year, 7 months ago
Date and Learning Target  Classwork and Resources  Assignments  


I can tell the events from Polyphemus' point of view, changing the story from Odysseus' to his.   

Block 1 SAT prep :  Parallel Structure

Block 4 Practice

and Parallel Structure practice

Homeric Similes -- peer share -- best? 

Point of view

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs 

The Way Eye See It

Image result for cyclopes

Write your version of events from Polyphemus' point of view -- submit the hyperlink, shared for editing, to Schoology


I can better visualize the meaning of a Homeric Simile and  their "special effects" by finding visual representation online.

Honors: I can analyze the Homeric simile by finding representation online and explaining what is being emphasized.  

Block 1 More Greek Words -- Quizziz

Block 4 -- SAT prep :  Parallel Structure

and Parallel Structure practice 

Homeric Similes --  appreciating them :) Assignment on SCHOOLOGY 


Finish reading Book IX (the Kyklops)


Complete your Homeric Similes work -- submit to Schoology

Make sure you have finished reading Book IX -- the Kyklops/Cyclops :)

Expect a reading quiz!


I can use context clues to interpret words within Bk IX of The Odyssey.

Block 1 -Greek Words in action Kahoot 

Block 4 - More Greek Words Quizziz


Cicones & Lotus Eaters:  Nature of Challenges

Infographic - ONE for both


Words in Context practice Book IX 


Book IX of Odyssey on Actively Learn 

Get through 1/2 of Book IX 

Finish your infographic for Cicones and Lotus Eaters 


I can manipulate Greek words to create new definitions.

I can review peers' infographics to help improve both theirs and my own.

Block 1) 

 Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes

Create 3 new words with their definitions


Block 4)

Greek Words in action Kahoot 


Share infographics -- peer review using rubric

Read Parts I & II of Book IX on Actively Learn


Finish reading Parts I & II of Book IX on Actively Learn if necessary


I can create an infographic that summarizes the plot and key ideas from Book V of The Odyssey. 

Block 4)  Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes

Create 3 new words with their definitions

Both Sections:  

Create an infographic  (using online tool  Venngage) about Calypso's Island -- see Schoology Assignment

This formative is practice -- others will be interim and summative...

Ms. S-V's sample discussed but you have to come up with your own!

Finish and submit your infographic; we will discuss and assess them next class! 

2/12 SNOW DAY!

Image result for snow day


I can create new words using Greek.

I can use reading strategies to tackle the challenging text of the Odyssey.

Appositive  and Practice 

video through Troy

Tackling The Odyssey

Book V on Actively Learn as assigned :)


Finish Book V on Actively Learn 


I can understand the desire driving Odysseus

Khan Academy LINKING

Gilligan's Island, Ogygiaand other paradises 

What could make YOU want to leave these places?


Complete 20 minutes of Khan Academy practices  -- grammar and effective language use 


I can relate to Ralston's story of grit and describe a time I too had to "tough it out."


I can tell and listen to a story about grit in small groups.

Comma Splices and Fused Sentences 


Block 1 Watch the Grit Actively Learn assignment

Stories about Grit -- surviving the worst!

Aaron RalstonÅ› story

His own words

Story Telling

Think of a time you almost gave up -- use the Story Telling Hints doc to help brainstorm -- then tell to small group; feedback from group about what held their attention, what didn't

Pixar in a Box Story Telling


Adulting choice: for WIT 

Important term to understand:  suitor -- a man who pursues a relationship with a particular woman, with a view to marriage.

Watch the video summary of The Odyssey 

We will start reading at about 5:30 minutes in...Book V :)


Complete Khan Academy practices   

  • Within Sentence Punctuation 
  • Sentence Boundaries


I can peer edit using a checklist created from the rubric.

I can give partner's essay a meaningful title 

Create Checklist from Rubric

Peer Edit 

Title partner's essay  

Submit final copy (no edits, titled, formal) to Schoology before next class  

extra credit:  submit final copy to Schoology by Sunday Noon.  



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